Method Acting Workshops Schedule

2018 January to May Schedule

Good News!

In our “AFDAS Convention” workshops two Non-Afdas actors may participate. Check the dates and work with the Pros!!


January 29 – February 16

Paris Afdas (3 weeks, 90 hours)
Spaces also available for non Afdas participants. Reserve yours!

February 19 – March 9

Montpellier Afdas (3 weeks, 90 hours)

March 12 – 23 

Vienna  (2 weeks, 60 hours)


March 26 – April 6

Warsaw  (2 weeks, 60 hours)


April 9 – 27

Orleans Afdas (3 weeks, 90 hours)


May 7 – 25  

Lyon  (2 weeks, 60 hours)

June 20 – 30

Acting on Camera


Come back to check our schedule. We will be adding more cities soon!


The Intensive Acting Workshop

This is the basic workshop for all actors, from those who haven’t worked with Robert yet to experienced professionals and those who have taken several workshops with Robert. You will be working on one scene and one monologue that are given to you a week or so ahead of the workshop. Robert´s version of The Method is a very effective and energetic way to help you deepen your realistic acting (and to put away your inner judge) visibly! He helps you to approach the Sensory Work in a delicate and very clear way, after giving you tools to relax and make your body, breath and mind balanced and connected. He leads you in the understanding of scenes in a deeply perceptive way, free from clichés and full of insight into human nature. He gives you the chance to enter a zone in which you can perceive the inner artistic work as an actor and at the same time to be aware of and interact effectively with your partner and your circumstances as the character. The responsibility of carrying a play or a script is enormous and will be learned in the most personal and touching way YOU can. Moving away from a stereotype of a character and towards your own truth: this is Robert’s goal.

Workshop Language:

Paris – English and French; Brazil – English and Portuguese; All other cities – English


Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm; the last 2 days might go until 7pm.

Cost per workshop:

For prices, please check with us at Passive participants (viewers): half price.

For registration and more information:

Feel free to contact us in New York via email at or if you have a specific question for Robert himself, you may e-mail him at

For Paris, Lyon and Afdas workshops:

Anne-Bérengère Pelluau
06 74 40 71 00

For Warsaw workshops:

Malgorzata Lipmann

+48 602 668 228

For Orleans workshop:

Natacha Garange
06 13 57 52 83

For Vienna workshops:

Almut Mölk
+43 (0)650 262 42 44

For Acting on Camera

Heiner J. Mohnen

Due to the individualized nature of the training, spaces are limited, so register now. We look forward to working with you!


"I am now experiencing tremendous freedom in my acting, the whole process of how to approach a character."

Trine Starup Madsen
Copenhagen Workshops 2004 and 2005